Monday, December 11, 2023

Collectors and local sports fans have the chance to own items from a private collection of Cincinnati Gardens. We hope they will find eternal homes to good buyers who may preserve these icons for they represent a lot of Cincinnati’s history in sports, especially ice hockey.

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Cincinnati-based online estate sale company “Everything But The House” launched an auction of more than 500 items from the now retired 67-year-old venue. The sale, hosted on, begins today, Monday August 15, 2016 and runs through Aug. 21, 2016.

The sale includes team jerseys from the Cincinnati Mohawks, Cincinnati Mighty Ducks and Cincinnati Cyclones, a 1953 Mohawks Governor’s Championship Trophy from the International Hockey League, a 1950s Mohawks hockey puck, vintage sports equipment, and original ticket stubs and programs. Many of the auction items have been on display at the Gardens’ “Legends Museum.” All items start at a $1 bid.

Private collector Dave Greene decided to auction the items because the Gardens’ new owner, the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, plans to demolish the facility.

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