CAHL Fees Are Cost Per Team

$2,450 + $40 Per Game Referee Dues

Your team must be paid in full by the start of the second game to receive the discounted rate.

League fees include a minimum of twelve (12) games; including (or counting) playoff game(s). Typically 10 regular games plus double-elimination playoffs.

Remember: In addition to the season league fee, each team is responsible for covering referee dues of $40 per game before the start of each game.

Actual Cost Per Player

Actual cost per player varies depending on how many players are on your team and your team captains’ payment policies. Talk to your team captain for details.

If you still don’t have a team, please fill out the New Player Application at to get on the “Free Agent” waiting list.

League Manager: Tom Horan 513-604-6777

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