This is an explanation of the Cincinnati Adult Hockey Leagues Division Levels, skill levels and days of the week games are played. Some other cities label their divisions with A-D, we assign this as 1-5 (1 being the highest skilled players) with sub-divisions (a though d).

Those subdivisions that have North and South are divided per league manager due to the amount of teams we have (consider it like an East / West Conference type of thing) so teams are not just playing “one other team” just once in a season enhancing the league experience; however during playoffs, teams may play teams either N/S division based on the season statistics.

There may be exceptions to game days depending on rink availability, especially during the winter season.

Parenthesis = Occasionally

Queen City Sportsplex is home to both the Canadian Rink (CAN) and USA Rink (USA) abbreviated (SP) above.

Most games are 6pm or later on weekdays and 4pm or later on weekends. Games could start as late as 10:30pm weekdays and 11:30pm on weekends (Fri & Sat nights). There will occasionally be a 1pm – 3pm weekend game, especially during playoffs when ice time is limited.