CAHL Monday Night Draft League

draftleaguewebCAHL Offers two draft-format leagues. Our regular draft league is for lower D4 skaters through first time skaters and is held every Monday Night. New Beginner League is for D5C to first time skaters and is on Sunday mornings.

Monday Night Draft League

  • Cost: $170 / Player
  • Teams will be evenly balanced based on skill level!


  • Draft Skate (for team placement)
  • 8 additional games
  • Referee dues are included in the pricing
  • Jersey


  • For players at a D4L or Below Ability & Skill Level
  • Great for brand new or returning player
  • 16 Years or Older
  • There will only be one referee
  • It’s geared towards having fun and enjoying the sport of ice hockey
  • Games will be held at Sports Plus in Evendale, OH
  • Faceoff time of 8:15 pm every Monday

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FAQ: What is a Draft League?

Questions? Call Tommy at 513-604-6777

Great for lower division players looking to play on two teams!

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