Thursday, January 26, 2023


10:00 PM
Northland Ice Center

Grape Crush vs Twig Snappers

3:30 PM
Sports Plus USA Rink

Inuits (5B) vs Grape Crush

10:15 PM
Sports Plus USA Rink

Grape Crush vs Rascals

10:45 PM
Sports Plus USA Rink

Grape Crush vs Total Chaos (5B)

3:30 PM
Sports Plus USA Rink

Rampage vs Grape Crush

9:45 PM
Sports Plus USA Rink

Grape Crush vs Rascals

2:15 PM
Sports Plus USA Rink

Seaward vs Grape Crush


5 - 3
Northland Ice Center

Phantom Menace vs Grape Crush

6 - 4
Sports Plus Canada Rink

Crush vs Grape Crush

2 - 3
Sports Plus Canada Rink

Grape Crush vs Phantom Menace

Division 5b
2023 A


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